More features on the iPitch system include:

The modular design of the IPitch allows parts to be changed to provide desired torque and speed, especially the motor and gearbox.

iPitch, along with MC950 and appropriate transducers, enables measurement of:

  • Input torque
  • Thread torque
  • Under-head torque
  • Clamp load
  • Under-head, thread and total coefficient of friction
  • Stretch (Ultrasonic version)
  • Angle
  • RPM

Coupled with any MC950 system and MC911 software, the motor controller module transforms into a programmable nut runner, capable of tightening bolts with any type strategy. Additionally, the combination of the iPitch Fastener Testing System and the MC950 Transient Recorder System results in a comprehensive solution to calculate under-head and thread coefficients of friction.

The iPitch Complete Fastener Testing System, with its inherent compatibilities, modularity, and range of applicability is an invaluable cross-disciplinary tool for all fastener testing laboratories.


  • 60-inch base holds motor, gearbox, rail and carriages
  • 3 carriages: input torque transducer holder, load cell holder and nut holder
  • Sliding carriages ease installation and removal of the bolt under test
  • Adjustable torque/angle transducer holder to adapt to any size
  • Torque multiplier retention
  • A wide linear range, enabling the system to test long fasteners
  • A simple, direct interface for the controller module
  • Compatibility with many load cells and torque transducers on the market
  • Load cell holder can hold various sizes of load cell, thread torque-tension cells or a sample bolted joint
  • Nut holder with use of standard sockets holds nuts in place and traps bolt pieces in case of fracture. It is supplied with a rail lock.
  • A gas spring applies even force on all carriages
  • iPitch can be used to calibrate bolts for ultrasonic testing
  • System includes an MC950 unit